Ramnagar Campsite Overnight Package

:Ramnagar, Banglore
:2 Days1 Night
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:Adventure, Experience
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Ramnagar Campsite Overnight Package

Ramnagar, Banglore
2 Days1 Night

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Ramnagar: it is sited in the valley surrounded by rocky hills in the outskirts of Bangalore. Ramnagar is also known as land of seven hills. It is less than 50 kilometers from Bangalore. Ramnagar is legendary for huge rocky outcrops, for granites and famous for its silk cocoon marketing center. The famous movie “Sholey” was shot at Ramnagar. Activities are conducted near Sholey shooting spots.

Campsite Facilities: We have a campsite at Ramnagar which attain facilities like Dining Hall, Kitchen, and well maintained toiletry with first aid and doctor on call facilities.

Adventure Nest systematizes adventure deeds at Ramanagar, it is sited in the valley surrounded by rocky hills in the outskirts of Bangalore. Ramanagaram is also known as land of seven hills. Shivaramagiri, Yatirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revannasiddeshwara Betta, Jalasiddeshwara Betta and Sidilakallu Betta are the seven hills it is less than 50 kilometres from Bangalore. Ramanagar is legendary for huge rocky outcrops, for granites and famous for its silk cocoon marketing centre. The famous rock climbing centres are Ramadevara betta, SRS beta, Savandurga, Thenginkal betta.

Bunch of adventures can be ended at ramanagar, it is very activist for the people who are gazing for swift day outing. There are two ways to climb ramadevara betta one way to climb through steps which are roughly 400, secondly by climbing steep rocks which would require some endeavour but after climbing one can enjoy the trek to the zenith of the mountain. At the summit of the hill there is a small lake with temples on either side. There are not only temples if you trek in early morning you can view the mist surrounding the places. However to climb these Rocky Mountains you should take special permission from the forest department. The best time to visit ramanagar is neither in the cooler months nor in the summer if you can bear hot weather. Apart from trekking you can also do several adventurous activities like Rock climbing, zip lining from one mountain to other, Rappelling and Chimney climbing.
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Event Details


Day 1 - Arrival at the Campsite
  • 07:00 am:
  • Departure from Bangalore (provided with 2 common pick up points).
  • 09:00 am:
  • Arrival at the campsite and have breakfast (Preferably south Indian Breakfast).
  • 10:00 am:
  • After breakfast, we start the activities by Tree Planting which is followed by Briefing and Team Dividing in case of large batches.
  • Activities:
  • Rappelling or abseiling:
  • It is a technique of climbing down using an anchored rope, a harness and a special device called as descender.
  • Chimney Climbing:
  • Chimney climbing are ensue of hiking up the mountains which are almost together and separated by some distance, by squeezing your body alignment.
  • One or two days of camping is optional and depends on clients requisite.
  • Break:
  • Refreshment with fruit punches.
  • After Break:
  • Zip Line or River Crossing
  • Zip line today is amusing, speedy and exciting ride, Zip Line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline.
  • 01:30 pm:
  • Lunch (Both vegetarian and non vegetarian)
  • Post Lunch Activities:
  • Post lunch we conduct activities like Jummarring, Trekking, and Archery, Water Sport (kayaking or raft building). Any two from the above mentioned activities will be done depending on the group and time. Go-Karting and ATV. Bikes are done on the customized packages.
Day 2 - Stays can be Arranged
  • Snacks:
  • Snacks offerings in between or after completion of the activities.
  • 05:30 pm:
  • On completion of the fun-filled day, we will depart back from campsite (Vehicles can be booked depending on the client requisite.)
  • Stay:
  • Stays can be arranged in campsite, home stays or resorts, Night trekking is also possible depending on client's requisite. Resorts packages are also available at affordable prices."

Adventure Activities

Night Trek
Water Sports


Pickup Drop



Pickup Details

Pickup Time: 07.00 AM Drop Time: 05.30 PM

Things To Carry

  • 1. Sun Cap
  • 2. Napkins
  • 3. Sun screen lotion
  • 4. Comfortable shoes (with rubber soles preferred)
  • 5. Slippers
  • 6. Water bottle
  • 7. Torch
  • 8. Shorts or comfortable wear’s for activities
  • 9. Goggles (if necessary)
  • 10. Camera (if necessary)
  • 11. Jeans not preferred. (Track Suites preferred)
  • 12. Tablets (if anyone have health problems)



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