Ghosalgad-Kudachi Leni-Talagad Trek

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Ghosalgad-Kudachi Leni-Talagad Trek


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A fort on the top of hill has been named Ghosalgad after the village Ghosala below. A hike to the fort from the base is not much and there is an easy path to the top. A water pond named Wajta Haud, remnants of watch tower, fortified wall, temple of Bhavani and Ganapati, water cisterns etc. can be seen atop. The Tala fort lies east west at a height of 1000 feet above the sea level in Tala town in Maharashtra. The fort is separated from the rest of the hill by a wide gap. Kuda caves, famous for Buddhist caves. In many of the caves in Kuda hills, there are evidences to testify that monks used them as dwelling places. The inscriptions, letters and paintings in the Kuda hills shows that these caves are built in during first to sixth centuary B.C. Set up on a hilly terrain, the Kuda caves give a magnificent view of the valley below.
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