Monsoon is on its way and the nature starts displaying its beautiful green landscapes so get ready with your backpacks for some adventure treks with monsoon playing host, here are top 10 Must Do Monsoon Treks around Mumbai and Pune.

1.  KALSUBAI  TREK – Highest Peak in Maharashtra

LOCATION: Igatapuri Taluka

HEIGHT: 5400 feet above sea level



KALSUBAI TREK – Highest Peak in Maharashtra

The Everest of the Sahyadris, Kalasubai (5400 ft.) is the highest peak of the mountain range of Sahyadri. Kalsubai is part of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary which spreads from Kalasubai to Harischandragad. It is one of the most enjoyable trek in rainy season which offers view of Breathtaking lush green valleys, walk through clouds, roaring winds, Series of waterfalls it’s all packed into one. On the top you can see a small temple of Kalsubai. Ratangad, AMK (Alang-Madan-Kulang), Harishchandragad, Ahivant, Saptashrungigad, Markindya, Dhodap, etc can be spoted from the Kalsubai Peak. It’s a dream trek of every passionate trekker in Maharashtra to climb it at least once.


2.  KORIGAD FORT TREK – The Bastion of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Lonavala

HEIGHT: 3050 feet above sea level



2. KORIGAD FORT TREK – The Bastion of Maharashtra

Korigad fort is located about 20 Kms away from Lonavla, in Pune district. There are two routes to reach to the top of Korigad, one from village Peth Shahpur and other one is from Ambavne village. Route from Pethshahpur is easier than the route from Ambavne village. We have to climb nearly 510 steps while going from Pethshahpur route. The route starting from the Bhairavnath Temple at Pethshahpur takes us to the top within 45-50 minutes and which enters through the Ganesh gate.


3.  LOHAGAD TREK – The Iron Fort of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Near Lonavala

HEIGHT: 3450 feet above sea level



LOHAGAD TREK – The Iron Fort of Maharashtra

Lohagad “Iron fort” is one of the many hill forts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavna and is situated on a side range of the Sahyadris. The Visapur fort is located on its eastern side. The four large gates of Lohagad are still in good condition and reasonably intact. Historical records show that in the later Peshwa period, Nana Phadnavis (1742-1800 AD) built several structures in the fort.


4.  TIKONA TREK – The Pyramid of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Near Kamshet

HEIGHT: 3500 feet above sea level



TIKONA TREK – The Pyramid of Maharashtra

Tikona (also known as Vitandgad) is the dominant hill fort in Maval in western India. It is located near Kamshet around 60 km from Pune. The village nearest to the fort is called Tikona-Peth. The 3500 ft high hill is pyramidal in shape and the name Tikona means “triangle”. The fort is a trekking destination noted for the large doors, the temple of ‘Trimbakeshwar Mahadev’, a water tanks (seven water tanks) and some Satvahan caves. Trek organizers also commend the views of Pawna dam and the nearby forts of Tung, Lohagad and Visapur. There is Pawana lake at the summit.


5.  RAJMACHI TREK – The Twin Forts of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Near Lonavala

HEIGHT: 2710 feet above sea level



RAJMACHI TREK – The Twin Forts of Maharashtra

Rajmachi is one of the famous trek in shayadri mountains and one of the favourite destination for every trekker and beginners . The height of this fort 2710 Feet .this fort built by Shivaji in 17th century. You can spend lots time over the fort by exploring “ Manranjan “ , “Shrivardhan “ Rajamachi lake .There are 2 routes are there first from Karjat and from lonavala Karjat route is comparatively difficult than Lonavala .We are going to cover both the routes Ascend from Lonavala and descend from Karjat . Trek route for both side surrounded by dense forest so you can get opportunity to see different species of birds and animals.


6.  HARISHCHANDRAGAD TREK – The Trekkers Paradise of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Malshej Ghat

HEIGHT: 4671 feet above sea level



HARISHCHANDRAGAD TREK – The Trekkers Paradise of Maharashtra

Harischandragad is one of the most visited forts in Western Ghats. If you are trekking in Sahyadri for several years and you haven’t visited Harishchandragad then you haven’t trekked enough. This enormous fort has 7 routes and during this trek we will be doing most difficult route which is Makad Naal route or Nali chi waat. Its the most difficult way to reach Harishchandragad top. During this trek we climb all the way to the top keeping the famous Kokan kada on our right hand side. This trek is not for the beginners. Those who have trekked before and have took the challenge of the mountain, only those can attend this event. It take approx. 8-9 Hrs just to reach Kokan Kada top from the base. 


7. RATANGAD TREK – The Jewel’s of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Ratan Wadi

HEIGHT: 4250 feet above sea level



RATANGAD TREK – The Jewel’s of Maharashtra

Ratangad is one of the forts which give a panoramic view of Sahyadri Ranges near Bhandardara lake. As the name suggests it is a jewel (Ratna) amidst the forest in Bhandardara area. Ratanwadi is the base village for Ratangad having oldest temple from Hemadpanti era. The temple is known as Amruteshwar Temple and is famous for its carvings. Ratangad has still the remains of fortress with bastions & Stone Walls. Caves on Ratangad can easily accommodate 25 people at a time. The view from the fort is beautiful and breathtaking. One can see the magnificent View of Kalsubai, Aland-Madan-Kulang, Aajoba, Pabargad, Backwaters of Bhandardara, etc.


8.  PEB VIKATGAD TREK – The Meditation caverns of Maharashtra


HEIGHT: 2100 feet above sea level



PEB VIKATGAD TREK – The Meditation caverns of Maharashtra

Fort Peb, also known as Vikatgad is situated at a distance of 3-4 km on west side of Neral. This is the most beautiful one-day trek near Mumbai, especially in monsoon. To avoid crowd at hill stations like Matheran, nature lovers must visit this fort. The fort derives it name from the Goddess ‘Pebi’; The fort is also named as ‘VikatGad’ for its supposed shape of the Elephant Headed God, ‘Ganesh’. Historical references clearly indicate that Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage.


9.  RAJGAD FORT TREK – The King of forts of Maharashtra

LOCATION: Gunjavane

HEIGHT: 2901 feet above sea level



RAJGAD FORT TREK – The King of forts of Maharashtra

Rajgad Fort near Pune is one of the grand forts of the Sahaydris. It was Shivaji Maharaj’s capital for over 25 years before moving the capital to the Raigad fort. A trekkers delight the fortifications of Rajgad fort built with the treasure found on the adjacent Torna fort is for most parts still in tact. Rajgad fort is a must visit for a trekking enthusiast especially if you are from Pune. The fort is located 60 km to the south west of Pune, about 15–16 km west of Nasrapur, in the Sahyadris range. The highest part of the fort has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves. The main entrance door is known as the Mahadarwaja.


10.  RAIGAD FORT TREK – The Pride of Maharashtra


HEIGHT: 2700 feet above sea level



RAIGAD FORT TREK – The Pride of Maharashtra

Raigad Fort is a magnificent hill fortress, situated in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It lies approximately 125 km away from Pune and serves as one of the major excursion of the city. The fort once served as the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Great Maratha king, in the 1674. It was around this time only that Shivaji was crowned the King of a Marathi kingdom. Perched at an altitude of 1350 m (4530 ft) above sea level, Raigarh fort falls under the Sahyadri Mountain range of India. The main structures inside the Raigad Fort, which today stands mostly in ruins, comprise of the Queen’s Quarters, Public Durbar, Watch Towers, Darwazas (gateways), etc. The Queen’s Quarters consist of six chambers in toto, meant for the queen and her attendants.



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