Dukes Nose Trek and Flying Fox

Dukes Nose, at Khandala near Lonavala
1 days


Adventurous trekking is highly essential to reach the Duke’s nose via Khandala. The name Dukes ‘nose is derived as the cliff looked like the shape of the Duke. This is a marvelous trekking spot between Khandala & Lonavala.

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Brief Event Description

Event Organiser Explorers Trek & Tours
Event Location Dukes Nose, at Khandala near Lonavala
Pickup Point Platform No. 1, at Pune Railway Station, Pune
Pickup Time 05:15 AM
Things to Carry 1. A Good Quality of Rucksack suitable for One day Trek with all inside Luggage packed in a Plastic Bag.
2. Minimum 2 Ltr. Water Bottles.
3. Extra Dress in a plastic Bag.
4. Rainproof / Sun Cap / Warm Wear as per Season.
5. Napkin / Towel.
6. Plastic Bags to save your Mobile, wallet from Rains & to keep wet cloths.
7. Glucon - D OR Electrol - Optional
8. Shoes Compulsory in a Good Condition while trekking.
9. Dress Code - T-shirt, Flexible Track pant. (HALF PANT NOT ALLOWED.)
10. Any type of addictions like tobacco, Liquor, etc is strictly not allowed.
11. Personal Medicines, if any.
Itinerary 05.15 am :
Gather at Pune Railway Station. Give attendance to the Team Organizers.You can meet Team Organizers on Platform No. 1. Leaders will wait till 5.45 am, if you are late then directly catch the Singhgad Express. You have to get down at Khandala Railway Station. (Next to Lonavala Railway Station) (Those who have missed the Train can directly reach Khandala Railway Station at Own Expenses before 8.15 am & In that case No refund will be admissible.)

6:05 am :
Train Journey Starts. (NO SEAT RESRVATION FOR TRAIN / LOCAL JOURNEY.) Choose your convenient Station & Communicate it with Organizers at the time of admission

07.18 am :
Get Down at Khandala Railway Station within 2 Minutes.

07:35 am :
Breakfast Distribution. Have a Packed Breakfast at Khandala Station. We are sending your enrollment no by SMS, please collect the breakfast from the Leader as per your enrollment number. Please Keep Patience we are around more than 300 to 500 Participants.

08.00 am :
General Instructions & information by Team Organizers

08.15 am :
Start Trekking, Please keep patience while trekking, you have to wait or walk slow due to heavy crowd. Also Co-operate with all the participants & Team Organizers to have safe & enjoyable Trekking.

09:30 pm :
Waterfall Enjoyment.

10.00 pm :
After waterfall, Start Trekking towards Dukes Nose with a steep walk of 1 hour. You have to pass 2 small Rock Patches. Team Organizers is available for Help. You have to wait in a “Q” to climb the Rock patch & to reach the Top of Dukes Nose.

11.00 pm :
Reach the Top of Dukes nose. Those who have already enrolled for Valley crossing can start the activity by giving attendance to a Leader available at Valley crossing. Numbers are assigned as per the admissions.

Till 01.45 pm :
Lunch time. Please bring sufficient Lunch & Water. Nothing will be available on Dukes Nose.

02.00 pm :
Start Descending the Dukes Nose towards Kurvande Village. Participants who have enrolled for the Valley crossing will have to wait till event is over & other participants can move for return Trek journey.

03.00 pm :
Reach Kurvande Village. After evening tea you can start plain walk of 3.5 kms towards Lonavala Railway station OR you can hire a Local Jeep / Tempo at own cost. Team Organizers will not join you for onward journey from Kurwande to Lonavala & Till Pune. After reaching at Lonavala Railway Station Board Lonavala – Pune Local from platform No. 3. Local timing from Lonaval to Pune is : 02.55 pm / 03.45 pm / 05.25 pm / 06.20 pm / 07.00 pm / 07.35 pm / 08.40 pm. Reach Pune with Happy & everlasting Memories.

Instructions & Guidelines NA
Difficulty Level Easy

Event Description

Nagphani, later known as Duke’s Nose after Duke Wellington, is a cliff at Khandala near Lonavala. The Cliff is pointed like a snakes pointed head portion (hood) and hence the name Nagphani (Nag means snake and phani means hood). The name Dukes ‘nose is derived as the cliff looked like the shape of the Duke. This is a marvelous trekking spot between Khandala & Lonavala. Adventurous trekking is highly essential to reach the Duke’s nose via Khandala. Climbing from Khandala is a good getaway for adventurous trekking that can be done under 4 hours & get down towards Kurvande Village in just 45 Minutes. Just keep your water bottles filled to the brim always as drinkable water is difficult to be found on the way and enjoy the climb to the Cobra's Hood. Right on the top of the Duke's Nose is a small temple of Lord Shiva.
Valley crossing from Dukes Nose to Duchess Nose is a great fun due to roaring winds, Foggy atmosphere & of course Deep Valley. Through yourself in a Valley with all technical gears n of course an Expert Team of Organizers.

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