Trending Travel Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos while traveling. Make sure you’re aware of the trending travel hashtags on Instagram. Want to get followers on Instagram? One of the keys to growing your account is the proper usage of hashtags. Let’s find out the Best & Trending Travel Hashtags On Instagram.

1. #wanderlust


#Wanderlust is a strong desire to travel. All you have to do is travel and go on different adventures and post your memories to share it with rest of the world. This hashtag is the best way to showcase your love of travel & adventures.

2. #adventures


Some people are born for Adventures. #Adventures trend is a way to capture the adventurous experiences & moments. This hashtag is the best way to display rough, determined and adventurous person inside you.  

3. #followmeto


#FollowMeTo became a worldwide social media phenomena after photographer Murad Osmann clicked his girlfriend dragging him to different places in the world. This hashtag is a great way to shout out your love to the world, with your loved one following you.



#JustBackFrom is an awesome way to show off your souvenirs and adventure memories & experiences from your last vacation. This hashtag can also get you featured in the Condé Naste Traveler’s account @cnTraveler



#MyTravelGram – Imagine driving down a long, winding road heading towards beautiful place soaked with natural beauty and fresh air. This hashtag displays the beautiful and unforgettable places visited by different travelers all over the world.

6. #instago


#InstaGo – “Instagram + GO”. Used when an Instagrammer is on the move. For the eternal traveler & adventurous heart, the inner call always leading to places that are just waiting to be explored. This hashtag is for those who are always ready “on the go” to travel.

7. #liveadventurously


#LiveAdventureously – For the one who always love to go on adventures. There is no doubt why this is special hashtag of Adventures365. This hashtag is specially made for them who love to experience the different adventures & live the life in an adventurous way. 

8. #traveltheworld


#TravelTheWorldThis is one of the famous hashtags on Instagram. People display the amazing photos and memories while traveling to different places across the world. Some couples get millions of followers by posting their pics along with this hashtag traveling around the world.

9. #solotravel


#SoloTravel – Pretty simple, It is someone who loves to travels alone, and experience the adventures in the different part of the world by exploring different places. This hashtag showcases the amazing adventures of different solo travelers around the world.

10. #wanderer


#Wanderer – A person who loves to travel aimlessly; a traveler indeed. This hashtag showcases your passion and love towards travel and your desire to experience the adventures of the lifetime through the amazing photos from your incredible journeys.  

So, what kind of #traveler & #adventurer are you?

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Trending Travel Hashtags On Instagram



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