Prabalgad Fort in its gift kind, was engineered throughout Bahmani land to stay a watch on Panvel Fort and Kalyan Fort in North Konkan. Around 1458 AD, leader Ahmad, the prime minister of the dominion of Ahmednagar, took over the fort throughout his conquest of Konkan. once disintegration of Bahmani land, this fort remained with the Ahmadnagar land. throughout the collapse of the Ahmadnagarland, Shahaji tried serving to them unsuccessfully against the separate forces of the Mughal Empire and also the Adil Shahi phratry and captive to Muranjan, in conjunction with woman Jijabai and younger son Shivaji for a short amount. but following Shahaji’s defeat and agreement of Mahuli, North Konkan, in conjunction with this fort, was ceded to Mughals  granted ruling authority of the realm to Adilshah of Bijapur. The fort was conquered by Shivaji from the Mughals in 1657, once he establishing himself within the Kalyan-Bhivandi space. At the time of the attack the fort was ruled by Kesar Singh, a Mughal sardar, and was the sole fort to place up a robust resistance. On seeing the signs of defeat the ladies within the fort performed Jauhar, a convention of self-immolation to make sure an honorable and respectful death. Singh died throughout the battle in Oct 1657.Singh’s mother hid herself and her throughout the attack. Shivaji in an act of kindness created positive the woman and also the kid were allowed a secure passage out.

Kalavantin(Left Side) And Prabalgad (Right Side) . Click from Prabalmachi

Kalavantin(Left Side) And Prabalgad (Right Side) . Click from Prabalmachi

In the year 1826 Umaji Naik, a freedom fighter, and his associates are believed to own created this as their home for a short amount of your time.


Kalavantin Height: 500 meters / 2300 ft

Kalavantin Difficulty: Medium

Kalavantin Edurance Level: Basic Endurance Level

Kalavantin Durg!!

Kalavantin Durg!!

How to Reach Kalavantin Durg:

By Train Mumbai/Pune:

  •     Panvel railway station is nearest station.
  •     Take State Transport Bus till base village or Rickshaw till Thakurwadi village
  •     Get down at Shedung Phata and hire Rickshaw till Thakurwadi Village
  •     Route is well notified after that.

By Car Pune

  •     Drive till Shedung Phata Panvel on old Mumbai Pune express way
  •     Take a turn towards Thakurwadi Village from here
  •     Landmark Zoia Mountain Spa near Thakurwadi Village

Food Arrangement – This is less explored fort so its best to carry lunch/dinner.

My Experience:

16th June 2016:-

Kalavantin Durg in Monsoon!!

Kalavantin Durg in Monsoon!! Source: Google

Right before the monsoon season, I decided to go to Kalavantin durg and Prabalgad With Break Free Adventures, Pune Based group. Exploring new places with new people is always amazing thing. I always prefer to go alone on treks because that’s where you find yourself surrounded by new people and the best thing you can do, you communicate with them.

Kalavantin is the beautiful pinnacle surrounded by beautiful landscapes around it. Journey started in afternoon from swargate by private bus.It took us  3-4 hours to reach the base village Thakurwadi. As always all dancers were on their feet enjoying latest Marathi songs. 😛 After reaching the village, we immediately started trek to Prabalmachi because our stay was in the village.

You will be amazed to see people living in remote areas. Feelingcold breeze and seeing Mumbai lights from Prabalmachi is great thing to do. The night was enlighten by horror stories and by playing different games.




Group Activities

Group Activities on Prabalmachi
 dsc_0288 Mumbai at Night

17th June 2016:

After waking up at 6 am, and after having breakfast(Kanda Pohe ), We started our trek towards Kalavantin Durg. After initial 45 minutes trek, You will reach at base of the fort, Very rare and awesome architectural work has been done to make that staircases. Rain made this trek interesting and few feet away people was not visible due to clouds. At the top, there is 15 feet rock patch, which you have to climb to reach the top. The view from that point is mesmerizing . The decending was done in just 20 min. But after seeing other members still at the top, I decided to visit Prabalgad, twin fort of kalavantin durg. There is traverse at left side to go to Prabalgad. The walk is around 20-30 minutes till you reach the place where you start trek for Prabalgad. As I was alone from rest of the group, I decided to do it quickly. But raining started heavily so I looked for a group of other trekkers who was decending from Prabalgad. I asked them route of Prabalgad and Reached the main entrance. It is less explored fort and there is dense forest on the fort. So you need to be careful. You need atleast 2 hours to visit Prabalgad.

The famous spot on the fort is from where you get the proper view of Kalavantin Durg. Other than that, there is 1-2 Temples on the fort which is on the other side of the fort. You should be careful while walking through Forest. The decending path was slippery due to rain. So you need to be careful while decending. Most of the incidents takes place while decending so better be careful and watch your step while decending. It took me 1.5 hour to reach Prabal Machi. Now it was time for delicious lunch. Home made food from the villagers house is the best thing after such a long trek. As usual food was awesome!!

Last Rock Patch of Kalavantin Durg

Last Rock Patch of Kalavantin Durg

People at top of the Prabalgad

People at top of the Prabalgad








Return journey started after everyone finished their lunch. It took us 1 hour to reach the spot where our bus was standing. And we reached Pune at 9 pm. This was a small but awesome trek for me. I met some new friends on the trek and we  are looking forward to go on another trek now .

Signature Pose!!

Signature Pose!!

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