The Ridge: Danny MacAskill on the Edge of Cliffs
Epic Terrain8.5
Death Defying Cliffs9.2
Heavenly Peaks8.8
Highest Peak9
Speed 9.1
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (4 Votes)

Danny Macaskill is a very good bike rider. A very, very good bike rider. So he climbed a mountain near his home on the Isle of Skye and did something that will make you scream with joy and horror.

Danny MacAskill launched his brand new mountain bike edit, “The Ridge”. Filmed on his home island, the Isle of Skye, the video shows Danny tackling a never ridden before ridge on a full suspension mountain bike. Conquering epic terrain, riding death defying cliffs and climbing up to the heavenly peaks, the clip has it all.

Enjoy the Video!

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