When photographer Christopher Cline moved from Virginia to Minnesota, he was feeling homesick and then he got a gift from his girlfriend – Juji.

Juji isn’t actually the size of a house. He just looks that way on Instagram. Juji is now digital celebrity fans from all over the world. Chris Cline turned his dog into international sensation by editing its photos to make his dog look like he is 10 feet tall taking all sorts of adventures together.

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His number of followers on Instagram was less than 800 last year and now it’s almost 65,000 today. Cline, a graphic designer with an illustration experience, never expected to make a living with photography — but Instagram has changed his life.

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Cline work for hours to make this perfect shots. “I go out and take the background shot first, because I need to know what the lighting is supposed to look like,” he explains. Then he take pictures of Juji and he takes as many as 60 photos of dog for each edit.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to get the poses, but we’ve been working together for over a year now on these, so we know each other really well,” Cline said. “I know when he’s in the mood to work, and when he’s not.”

“As long as he gets his treat for taking pictures for an hour, he doesn’t care about anything else,” Cline said. Juji still likes the same old things — mainly, sticks, and spending time with Cline on every adventure.

“It’s brought us really close together,” Cline said. “He’s definitely my best buddy.”

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