Oh yes! Do you doubt me? Well it’s a truth. I am missing it. The pack often makes me drool over it. If someone asks me at random what I will have for breakfast or dinner, with gusto I used to reply, “Maggi”. My maggimania is still on after it’s ban too.  I cannot eat it, but I can feel it’s aroma engulfing me in it. All it gave me a nostalgic vibe.



Bit dishearten; broken I am. No more ‘Mummy I am hungry’ slogans and add showcasing it. No more fights among siblings on the share distributed by mom. No more I can found chota yellow insta masala maggi packet hanging on walls of the shops. No more the easiest, fastest and simplest recipe to cook is found, which even the kids can prepare themselves. No more Maggi to cook on easily at high altitudes. Unfortunately, end to do minute ki khushiyan.

Multi utility Maggie was. Numerous recipes could be made from it; ranging from Indian, Continental, Italian and Chinese. It sucks sometimes then also we loved it. No matter how much the water was added or how much the ghee and butter laid down on it, Maggie tastes yummy for always. Sudden arrival of guests, late night study and you feel hungry, staying away from home and nothing to cook, instant party to organise, lazy Sunday brunches,  too tired to cook, no veggie at home and wondering what to cook , etc… Maggie can be the solution to every problem for kids, teenagers, adults, parents, army men and celebs. Everyone love Maggi; it’s colour and odour.


For me my Adventure-wali Maggi will be the most eventful and beloved to the end my essence. I was on a feat to Kufri near Shimla for skiing with my batch mates. It was the end of December, snow-clad peaks and snowy meadows were enclosing us. Skiing adventure tests your vigour. After winding-up our adventure of skiing, we relaxed. Being 8,600 feet above sea level and lack of oxygen was making us more exhausted. Our body drenched in fatigue and starvation. I got up and take out the instant 2-min Maggi noodle packets from my backpack. Meanwhile my friends set a bonfire, arranged bhagona, water and tea. In no time the slippery, twisted yellow noodles were ready. The Chai-maggi combos quench our hunger.  We relaxed for some time more and sooner we got our vitality back and headed towards our camps.


Cooking Maggi @8,600 feet above sea level.

With good nutritional value and calorie pack of 220, it is the most likable and easily found food to be eaten on high-altitudes.  Often it’s memories giggle me up. The time I have spent with my friends eating it up, fighting with my brother over it’s share, the easiest two-min recipe I know, making it in early morning during my exams when I used to feel hungry and returning late from college and was starved, Maggi has been my everlasting addiction and cure for every problem. Be it any day and any moment, my kickshaw for Maggi is endless. 


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