Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon

Our Aim to organize the Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon is to spread awareness about Fort Conservation & Restoration among the society & raise funds for the same. The scenic landscape of Fort Rohida adds the value to experience for the Runners, along with the Fort Climb to reach the FINISH line. 

Shri Shivadurga Samvardhan is arranging fund raiser Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon for fort conservation and restoration on 29th January 2017. The event is organised for the awareness to conserve our history and to restore them for nobal cause of “Save Forts, Save History”.


There are 4 different categories in this Marathon.

1. 5k- For Noble Cause
2. 10k- For beginners
3. 21k- For competitors
4. Joy Fort Climbing

The participants are registering from all over the Maharashtra for Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon. There will be around 200 participants from all the categories. All participating runners will get accomplishment certificate and winners of the marathon will get medals. All marathon are starting at the base of the fort and finishing at the top of the Rohida fort. The Route is full of lavishing landscapes and scenic beauty which makes you fall in love with mother nature all over again. So let’s make little contribution to save our history and forts. It’s our duty to save Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj’s Forts and Marathas History. Let’s Come together and make this happen.

The Whole team of the upcoming Marathi movie ‘Baghtos kai Mujra Kar’ is going to there with us. All amount of the event will be donated to Shri Shiva Durga Samvardhan for restoration of Rohida Fort.

About the Rohida Fort:

Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon


This fort was built during Yadava period. According to the inscription on the third gate, Mohammed Adil Shah of Bijapur had repaired this fort on May 1656. Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from the hands of Bandal-Deshmukh of Rohida in a close battle. The conflict resulted in the death of Krishnaji Bandal. After the battle, many officials along with Bajiprabhu Deshpande, a chief administrator of Bandals, were inducted into Swarajya movement. The Kanhoji Jedhe had patronage over the entire Bhor state and half of the Rohida Fort along with some patches of land. Further, Moghuls captured this fort. This fort was under the control of Pantsachiv of Bhor State, till the Indian independence.


The nearest town is Bhor which is 61 km from Pune. The base village of the fort is Bajarwadi which is 7 km from Bhor. The trekking path starts from the hillock west of the Bajarwadi Highschool. The route is very safe and wide.

Rohida Mahostav –

The ‘ Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon ’ is the part of the Rohida Mahostav which is held on 28th and 29th of January 2017. The mahostav includes staying in the tent, visiting to the fort, knowing the history of the fort, star gazing event and special veg dinner. This program is paid and you can get all this thing mentioned above in 1600 Rs. There is also special discount on group registrations. The main intention of this Mahostav is to change the view of people about fort conservation and restoration.

The Fort Marathon will be held at Rohida near Bhor on 29th January 2017. The  Aim is to spread awareness about Fort Conservation & Restoration amongst the society & raise funds for the same. The scenic landscape of Fort Rohida adds the value to experience for the Runners, along with the Fort Climb to reach the FINISH line.

Special Appearance –

Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar

The Star Cast and entire Team of latest Marathi Movie Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar (बघतोस काय मुजरा कर) will have Special Appearance on event day in support of Rohida Fort Run Half Marathon.

About Shri Shiva Durga Samvardhan –

It is a Pune based NGO whose main objective is conservation of historical forts of Maharashtra. They  are actively working on Tung, Tikona, Rohida and Bahdurgad forts from past 7 years. They also provide employment opportunities for local villagers and involve them in fort conservation activities such as tree plantation, structure conservation, water tank cleaning and general upkeep and maintenance of ignored historical monuments. Their work is supported by State Archaeology Department and Forest Department and also appreciated by MTDC for reviving tourist activity in rural areas.


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