The urge to stand at the edge and push yourself to try something that makes you conscious of being in that situation is what Adventure is for me.


Being a traveler, I have my routine tryst with adventure almost every day. Adventure is not just doing the zipline, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, etc. Though, I do believe that one should try these adventure activities at least once to test the physical strength and the mental ability to perform it. Going to unexplored places, meeting strangers, landing up at an unknown place at a strange hour or even trying an absolutely bizarre cuisine can also be adventurous. Traveling itself is a great affair with adventure.

From Paragliding, river rafting, body surfing, zip line, Burma Bridge, and Commando walk, I have tried it all. But what took my adrenal rush to another level was when I did River rafting in Kundalika River in Kolad. Being a water-phobic, it was a brave call for me to decide to put myself amidst water for rafting.

It was during the Travel Show called “Nano Drive with MTV”, a month-long road trip across the western part of India; I landed in a place called Kolad in Maharashtra. Kolad is a lazy small village in Raigad district of Maharashtra, which lies on the banks of Kundalika River. And to my surprise, this place is known as the adventure capital of Maharashtra.


When it comes to adventure activities like river rafting, there is only one place that comes to my mind, which is, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. I was completely unaware of Kolad as an adventure destination in Maharashtra. Kolad offers a handful of activities, though mostly famous for its white water rafting. Interestingly, Kundalika River is the source of water for the people of Kolad. Apparently, the Rawalge Dam water is released into the Kundalika River between 7 am to 10.30 am,which creates strong rapids in the river.

It was 8 am. I reached Kolad river rafting area. Starting with safety instructions along with the demo session by the instructor, I was geared up to sail in Kundalika River to experience river rafting for the very first time. Holding my breath tight, I settled in the raft to face the rapids on my way. We started our sojourn with a great shout out and I along with others started rowing the boat. The calmness of the river, the chirping sound of birds and the sound of the river accompanied us until I encountered my first ever rapid. It was like a moment of truth. I could see the high waves from a distance.


As you come close to the rapid and the moment it engulfs you within, was epic. I went blank for a second. The giant leap of water is simply thrashing you with full power and when you take full control of yourself in the raft and let it pass on you, it is a surreal experience. After experiencing the first rapid, it kind of broke the shell of fear and I started enjoying rapids one after another. The duration of my rafting was around 2 hours where I sailed 12 km stretch of river Kundalika. It creates almost 10 rapids from small to big rapids ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3.


I was fully drenched. The torching sun was up. The cold breeze just passed through my body, leaving me wondering about God’s creation. While rowing our boat, singing loud in groups, shouting with excitement, plucking out wild berries, feeding on them with joy, competing with other boats, somehow I felt that I discovered something new about myself. As if I had conquered my fear.

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