It is often said that when you engage in activities that you love to do and enjoy doing you can lose weight fastest and most effectively as compared to working out in gyms every day.

#Did You Know?

Trekking and hiking and such other adventure outdoor activities can help you lose anywhere between 450 to 650 calories in a single hour.


How does trekking and hiking help in weight loss:

1. Burn calories:  

When you are on trekking or hiking for a whole day, you actually burn lot of calories throughout the day unlike in the gym for only limited or fixed time.

2. Carrying weight:

At the time of trekking or hiking, a normal person carries around 20 pounds in his/her backpack and when you trek for approx. 7-8 hours you actually burn more than 500 calories every hour. And whenever your body is resting, you still continue to burn calories which never happens in your regular city life though you go for gym regularly.

3. No Stress:

The stress is a part of everyone’s daily life now days. When you go for trekking or hiking, you are exposed to the beauty of nature which makes you forget and get relived from all of your stress.



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