Lily – the new throw behind drone

Lily – the new “throw behind” drone camera. The Future of Drone in Present Time.. No setup required. Just throw Lily in the air to start a new video. It’s that simple. No controller required. Focus on your activity while Lily flies itself to capture your adventures.

Lily started in September 2013 in the basement of a UC Berkeley robotics lab, where Henry and Antoine built the first prototype using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. Lily Drone is flying drone action camera which follows you while you are doing your adventures. What makes the Lily Drone stand out is the fact that it has a self-operating drone camera with a little tracker that has Wi-Fi connectivity and video recognition. This is a drone but it’s sold as a camera.

The Lily Camera has won a CES 2016 Innovation Award for its unique and helpful features. There are lots of unique and helpful features in this like there is no controller required, as it flies itself. Also his innovative drone requires no set-up; it just needs to be released into the air to start a new video to record your amazing adventures every time.

How it works?

Lily - the new throw behind drone


Lily is bag-friendly sized 1.3kg drone which you just need to throw in the air and will record by 1080p60 resolution. It’s also a completely waterproof so you can also throw it in water as well. The Lily Drone’s optics are of superior quality that capture 12 MP stunning images for your video

Lily Drone Camera Features


The Lily Drone Camera has a 20-minute flight time and it has 4GB micro SD provided memory card slot. It features an accelerometer, a three-axis Gyro, magnetometer, barometer, GPS, and front- and bottom-facing cameras.  It captures 12 MP stills quality shots.



It is also ultra-portable and using the wrist worn controller you can set it to follow, lead, circle, go up and many more to capture the best moments and shots of your adventures. It’s weight is 1.3 kg and Lily is designed to fit easily in any backpack and still handle high winds when flying.



The Lily got a great team behind, Robb gave Lily a heart, Rowland gave Lily courage, and Nghia gave Lily a brain. The official website says, “Our mission is to release human creativity by inventing tools that allow for effortless expression. We believe that great products are built with a clear purpose.”

You can pre-order it from their official website, Lily is priced almost at $800 and currently shipped in United States only.




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