Today, I m sharing my experience about the well-known trek around the Pune City i.e Katraj to Sinhgad (K2S). Most of the people know about this trek, there are 16 mountains between this trek route and nearly 15-20 kms walking will be done during this trek. This trek was on my wish list since 2014 but every time due to some problems, it cancelled. I asked my many friends to join me for this trek but everybody was so busy in their life, that’s  why I decided to go alone for this trek, and then after my In-sem exam I finally decided to go on this trek, but thanks to my friend Koustubh who joined me at the last moment.

Everything was fixed. I took all the required things for this trek and told Koustubh to do the same. We were free to start trek at the any time because no one was with us. We decided to start our trek at 10 pm after dinner. But we didn’t have any transportation from our home to katraj old tunnel. I called my friend Advait and asked him to drop us near tunnel and he said yes instantly.(Thanks Bro!).

Night View of trek

At 10.30 pm, we reached near katraj old tunnel, there is a small walking path at the end of the tunnel. We started our trek immediately and trekked upto Waghjai temple. It was full moon night so moonlight was so bright and pleasant to keep us motivating. Most interesting thing about this trek is,We  both didn’t know the route of these trek(Funny,huh!!) and we lost. After 45 min of trekking finally we reached at the top of the katraj tunnel but still we didn’t find the way to start our trek. Then I called my friend Omkar to ask the route of the trek. He guided me and told me to follow the red blinking light (which is coming from Tower at sinhgad).

The first 2-3 hills are tough and my friend had very less experience of trekking than me so I had to wait for him throughout the trek. The climate was awesome. Cold  breeze was running through our ears but trekking kept us warm enough. I bought my SLR to capture the beautiful city-lights of Pune city. It was a breathtaking view from the top of the hills. I captured most beautiful portrait and light trails through my SLR. As we started out trek after dinner so we just took breaks to rest after  every 30 or 45 min of trekking. 2 torch-lights were searching for the way through that darkness( Feels like scene from some horror movie.)

At 2 am, we finished only 40% of the trek and my friends condition was horrible. He said to me,’ why I came to this trek, why?’ And I started laughing like a hell. But that wasn’t the solution and I started encouraging him to finish the trek. We also lost our path like 4-5 times but it gave me a lifetime experience and  lessons about trekking. This things made my trek interesting. I also tried to capture the moon clicks through SLR but due to some problems, I was unable to do so. We also shared our experiences with each other while trekking and this things  really help in long route treks.

Sunrise a Sinhgad

During the trek we feel like the red light is coming closer and closer but it wasn’t  like this. In that darkness, it looks like only hope which can save our lives. We were walking from top of the hills with valley on both sides.  It was an thrilling experience. At 7 am, we reached at the point where we get tar road which lead to the Sinhgad fort. I was very happy to complete this trek as my wish came true.

terrain view

We rested for some time there. We started waiting for someone who can give us lift till the fort. After 30 min of waiting we finally found a guy and he gave us lift. We took breakfast i.e. Kanda bhaji and Chaai (favourite dish on sinhgad fort). We made our way back home from MSRTC buses, from Sinhgad Base-Shaniwarwada and then shaniwarwada-katraj. I slept like 10 hours after reaching the home. And special thanks to my friend Koutubh to accompany me for this trek. If you want to do this trek, I will suggest you to do it in monsoon. The scenery is so beautiful in the monsoon season.

Terrain View

Time: 10.30 pm to 7 am

Place: Katraj to Sinhgad


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