As the name suggests, Ustad (T-24) is undeniably the most ferocious member of the tiger fraternity in the park. With cases of him sitting right in the middle of roads and highways, Ustad can by no means be taken lightly. A champion hunter, fearless and needless to say good looking, Ustad takes great pride in ruling Zone 6 and the area adjacent to Ranthambore National Park. The fearless attitude of this big cat can be guessed by his bravery to sit on the highway and eat his well deserved prey without a care in the world. His valiant attitude and his hunting skills can well be seen in his prodigy child Sultan. 



Bring back Ustad to the wild. A tiger from Ranthambore national park is captivated in name of man eater.. now it’s in zoo , 300kms from its territory leaving its cubs. Now it’s refused to take food and in the situation starving to death. Pls make this trending ‪#‎BringUstadBackToWild ‪#‎IamUstad n by keeping this as ur profile picture to save T24 n it’s cubs.

A local committee of so-called experts has persuaded the CM of Rajasthan to release an order for capture and relocation of this magnificent animal to a zoo. They have allegedly informed the CM that the tiger is a man-eater, and have even attributed attacks by other tigers to Ustad to strengthen the case. Today, the tiger has been tranquilized, and will be ferried away soon. I implore your goodself to take proper action, to prevent the tiger’s relocation. Sadly, if this tiger goes, his two cubs, whom he protects, will soon fall prey to other male tigers encroaching into his territory. Hope you can help Ustad.


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