A famous hill known for its night trek and breathtaking views, an awesome trek which every one should go at least once in their lifetime. The Hillock stands at 1.3km above sea level with cloud cover almost all the time(all the times i was there,the hill was covered with clouds). Plan well before the trek.

Things to carry:

1.5 litres of water per person nothing lesser(VERY IMPORTANT)
Sufficient amount of snacks like bread-jam,Kur-Kure,Biscuits..etc(You can buy this at the bakery near the Yelahanka Poilice Station Bus Stop)
Good Thermal wear(Sweater,Jerkin,Cardigan,etc..)
Blanket to cover yourself from the cold winds once you reach the top
A good torch light(i would advise the LED EVEREADY torch light Rs.120 which is very powerful)
Coolers to cover your eyes from the blazing Sun when you climb down
Cotton to cover your ears from the cold,this was very helpful on my 2nd Skandagiri Trip.
Good Sturdy Canvas Shoes pls do not wear Sneakers
A small knife(just in case you need it)
A lighter and kerosene to start your own bonfire(you can collect dry sticks as you climb up)

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