Best Camping Places near Mumbai and Pune

Setting up camps in the lap of nature’s bounty is the best way to reignite your intimacy with Mother Earth. Not only does camping provide for an amazing recreational outdoor activity but also it helps you grow as a person, honing your expertise in teamwork and making you adept and skilled. Camping is often enjoyed in combination with backpacking and trekking. In short, it offers you entertainment coupled with lessons galore!

We are bringing to you the choicest camping delights, all in vicinity of the cities of Pune and Mumbai, which will surely compel you to dust down your sleeping bags and gear up for the ultimate camping experiences so get ready to find out – Best Camping Places near Mumbai and Pune

Camping at Kamshet

Best Camping Places near Mumbai and Pune


Located at a distance of 45 kilometres from Pune, Kamshet is a delight for campers. The YMCA Camp Lakeside is an ideal weekend getaway for every soul yearning for serenity. Take your family out to this site for some worthy environmental training or plan an outing with friends and indulge in adventure activities!

Camping at Naneghat


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Naneghat lies snugly in Junnar district near Pune and is a part of the picturesque Western Ghats. Camping at Naneghat will allow you to indulge in the adventurous side of you. Go trekking with your group and discover the historical forts and caves lying snugly hidden in the wilderness.

Camping at Lohagad



Primarily a hill fort located 52 kilometres from Pune, this is a thrilling camping site. One of the most sought-after camping places, it offers you lush green surroundings coupled with a cool mountain breeze. Trekking can be undertaken to various spots like the Karla Caves, Darga or to Laxmi Kothi.

Camping at Malshej



Cradled comfortably between the Sahyadris is Majshej with its stunning surroundings and the Majshej Ghat. Set up a camp near the lakeside, catch the sleek flamingos flitting around, enthral yourself by hiking up to gushing waterfalls and venturing into the dark, dense woods.

Camping at Malvan



Pitch your tents on the pristine beaches of Malvan and experience a serene weekend getaway. Delve into the rich culture and food of the southernmost district of Maharashtra. Enjoy the beauty or pamper the adventurous part in you by going out for some water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Camping at Vasota



Situated at a distance of about 350 kilometres from Mumbai, Vasota is best known for the Vasota Fort and its beautiful backwaters. The backwater camping, the trek to the historically steeped Vasota Fort which Shivaji Maharaj named “Vyaghragad” and its exploration is bound to leave you enchanted.

Camping at Pawana Lake



A breathtaking place near Pune, perfect for tenting up by the lake with your family and friends, stirring up a bonfire and enjoying the captivating sensation that Pawana Lake has to offer. Go for an invigorating swim or for a boat ride, this place will totally help you wear off the grim existence of city life.

Camping at Revdanda


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At a distance of 125 kilometres from Mumbai, this unique beach is a jewel for campers. Not only does it satisfy your urge for camping, but also for water sports. Go for a jet-ski ride or a banana boat ride while you are camping or be lazy and stretch yourself out on camping mats and gaze at the beauty around you.

Camping at Kashid


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Beach camping at Kashid, situated 135 kilometres from Mumbai, can be a truly exhilarating experience where you can go horse-back riding or go in for a camel ride along the beaches. Try your hand at parasailing and other water sports and make this getaway a memorable one.

Camping at Karnala

karnala camping

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With its abundant greenery, Karnala is a viable option for setting up your camps. Trek to the Karnala Fort or gather your group around the bonfire and indulge in board games, singing and when night comes along, procure the telescope and gaze at the plentiful stars twinkling in the night sky.

Camping at Bhandardara


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This incredible island outing near Mumbai & Pune is a great way to fill up the spaces of tranquillity in your life. Set up tents under the starry skies and rake up a roaring bonfire for an unsurpassed ambiance. The morning after, go for a swim, prepare a whacking lunch, explore around and indulge in the serenity.

Camping at Kondana


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This beautiful group of sixteen Buddhist caves near Karjat is an ideal place for camping for lovers of historic snippets, interspersed with gems of nature. The nearby gushing river lets you lounge about. As night approaches, set off for a short trek and experience the playful magic of the numerous glowing fireflies. 

Camping at Khopoli


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Located at a distance of 80 kilometres from Mumbai, enjoy unadulterated pleasure camping at this breathtaking location nestled in the foothills of Amby Valley. Undertake a trek up the hills, discover virgin locations, venture into the forest and make the most out of Khopoli!

Camping at Canyon Valley


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Camping here assures you a fun packed, thrill inducing stay which will leave you wanting more. Trekking enthusiasts have a bonus here for Canyon Valley is one of the most sought after trekking spots. Go ahead and explore the dense forests and the bounties of nature that Canyon Valley is blessed with.

Camping at Koyna


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A splendid romantic getaway, it is about 340 kilometres from Mumbai. The backwater of Koyna offers a perfect spot to pitch up your tents and gear up for an amazing camping experience. One may also pamper the water sport lovers with a quick kayaking session. Go swimming, cook delicacies over the barbecue and enjoy!

Camping at Prabalmachi


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Hidden away from the bustle of city life is this quaint modest village at a distance of only 16 kilometres from Panvel Junction. Cradled amidst two famous treks, this village provides the most excellent spot for setting up your camps for a secluded, rejuvenating experience. Dive in the local colours and cuisines and make it unforgettable.

Camping at Durshet


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At a 1.5 hour drive from Mumbai, Durshet is richly endowed with natural beauty. Durshet Jungle Lodges and camping sites are the main attractions. While camping here, be sure to travel around the jungle, brush up your jungle survival skills and go wall climbing, rappelling and other exciting activities!

Camping at Korigad


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At a distance of 90 kilometres from Pune lies the Korigad hill fort from where the scenic beauty is breathtakingly stunning. Camping right next to the Amby Valley, Korigad gives you the opportunity to soak yourself in history and provide food for your soul. Have the perfect camping experience with good company, food and the scenic landscapes!

Camping at Panchgani


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Surrounded by the five hills of Sahyadri, Panchgani is tucked away cosily in the Satara District, 100 kilometers from Pune. Take your family out to Panchgani for amazing learning experiences. Go for bike races, trek to beautiful spots like the Sydney Point and Parsi Point, drink in the ambiance and enjoy your stay.

Camping at Mahuli


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At the foot of the majestic Mahuli hills is the beautiful camping ground. The pleasant atmosphere coupled with relaxing scenery invites you to cosy up to Mahuli in no time! Go for a trek or some rock climbing, dive into the river for swimming or kayaking or simply stroll about. Return home rich with experiences and wonderful memories.

So if you love camping and want to explore this Best Camping Places near Mumbai and Pune then you are just a click away from the amazing experience of camping near Pune & Mumbai.


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