Adventurous Jungle Trek Vasota

If you always wish to explore the wilderness through a jungle trek, then Adventurous Jungle Trek to Vasota is what you should go for. The Vasota Fort is located near Bamnoli, around 150 Km South of Pune in Satara district and 300 Km Southeast of Mumbai. This trek is also called as Vyaghragad trek (Vyaghra means tiger) as it is one of the most scenic and adventurous thrilling trek in Sahyadri range.

Adventurous Jungle Trek Vasota


The region of Javali in Satara district was very important from a strategic point of view.several routes to the Konkan were through Javali. For the growth of the Swaraj within the Konkan, it absolutely was essential to manage that region. The region of Javali was dominated by Chandrarao additional, a strong sardar within the Adilshahi.

Vasota Trek

ShivajiMaharaj attacked Javali and captured it during A.D. 1656. Shivaji Maharaj Named the fort ‘ Vyaghragad’ (Vyaghra means Tiger). This fort remained in the hands of Marathas only due to its defensive capabilities. After Shivaji Maharaj, the fort was ruled by Bajirao Peshwas. In 1818, The fort was heavily bombarded by British and destroyed most of the construction on the fort.

Basic Info:

Vasota fort is situated near the Bamnoli village in the Satara region. The fort is reserved under the Koyna Wild Reserve and forest department. This region is the home of many wild animals like wild dogs, bears so it’s quite dangerous in the forest at night. The beauty of forest is so wonderful with the surroundings.The route of this trek is through the dense forest. It is the dream of every trekker to experience such beauty of nature. And Vasota fort fulfills it completely.

vasota jungle trek route

To reach Vasota Fort, you have to reach Satara first by NH4. The Bamnoli village is further 40 km  approximately from the main city Satara.  This is the base village of this vasota fort trek. You can reach Satara by Bus from Pune/Mumbai. From Bamnoli Village, there are boats available which will take you to the base of the fort. It will take approximately 1.30- 2 hours to reach the base.The rate for the boat ride is fixed by forest department. It is 2000 Rs.(1-12 persons). So if you are going with a group then it will be cheap deal for you, otherwise  you have to wait till other groups will share boats with you ( if you don’t want to waste your money for boat ride).

vasota jungle trek boating

Difficulty Level and Other Tips:

The difficulty level is medium. You need around 2.30- 3 hours to reach the top of the fort. Ensure that you will always stay with your group. There are very confusing routes on this trek. You might get lost and as i told you already, there are many wild animals in the forest. So it’s very risky.  Don’t do this trek in rainy season. The area gets filled with leeches so better to avoid this trek in rainy season.

vasota jungle trek camping

Try to reach Bamnoli village by moring 7 am. So that you will get enough time to explore the fort. Ensure that you will leave the fort by 3-4 pm. As its not safe to get down when its dark. There are no permission for camping at fort because it is Wild life reserve. If you want to camp then you can do it in Bamnoli village to avoid early morning  journey till base village.

Places to see on the fort:

  1. Maruti Temple: Once on the fort, first thing you could see is Hanuman Temple, there is no roof but walls are intact. There are two water tanks on the fort but that water is not drinkable.  

    vasota jungle trek temples

  2. Nageshwar Temple: the Nageshwar cave which is the sacred temple of lord shiva which is popular for water sports and activities. Where the Nageshwar has a unique Shivaling on which water drops throughout the year naturally so people consider it a very sacred place. 

    vasota trek babukada

  3. Babu Kada: On the southeast side you could see very deep valley, Babukada and Old Vasota Fort. We were told that it’s not allowed to go to Old Vasota fort but when I spoke to few locals they said it’s not that its banned to go there but there is no way to reach the Old Vasota due to very dense Jungle.

So what you are waiting for? Get ready to experience this amazing Jungle Trek experience. Click on below button and book your tickets for Vasota Jungle Trek. So let’s go !!!


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