The year’s ending and if by chance you have not fulfilled you quota of adventures for the past year, don’t worry..  Here’s Top 10 Adventures to do in New Year in 2016! I bring to you the exquisitely hand-picked cluster of mind-blowing adventures. Be it a trek through the wild jungles or a bike ride expedition, a tryst with the depths of waters or a whiff of the lofty mountains, start your New Year with an Adventure.

1. Konkan Scuba Diving:

An adventure junkie would be spoilt for choices during this trip. On one hand you will get the historical Sindhudrug Fort located near Malvan beach, the Rock Gardens and a pristine Chivala Beach and on the other hand, you get to plunge into exciting waters sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, exploring the bounties of marine life. So Scuba is first on our list in Adventures to do in 2016.

Adventures to do


  2. Wildlife Tour at Sundarbans:

Located in West Bengal, Sundarbans has its own mystic aura about it. The mangrove forest lets you explore wildlife in close up. It is the haven for exceptional and globally threatened animals like the Gangetic Dolphin, Estuarine Crocodile and the most sought after the Royal Bengal Tiger! Treat yourself to boat safaris while discovering the gems of nature.


3. Explore Rann of Kutch

Infused with historicity, hugeness and beauty, this trip will revive your year. Let go of your worries with wild safaris on camels and horses while you gaze at the setting sun behind the wide stretched expanse before you! Experience the delight of knowing the rich traditional practices of the place through their handicrafts and embroidery of different styles such as Rabari, Sindhi, Banni, Ahir and Soof.


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  4. Bungee Jumping and Rafting at Rishikesh:

This one’s for the ultimate adrenaline junkie! The hub of air and water sports, Rishikesh will let you submerge yourself into various fun-filled, adrenaline pumping activities like white water rafting or bungee jumping. Triumph over ever fear by trying out waterfall rappelling, rock climbing and night trails and emerge out stronger for the year ahead!


   5. Mumbai Midnight Cycling:

Nights have a charm of their own and cities transform into something magical when the sun goes down! Make your nights memorable by gifting yourself a cycling tour along the coastal beaches. Discover the beauties of Mumbai on wheels and bestow a unique end to your year 2015!


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   6. Beach Camping:

A gorgeous romantic getaway will definitely beckon towards a beach camping. The Indian peninsula will proffer you an infinite variety of golden, sandy beaches- Kelve beach, Revdanda beach, Malvan beach or Kashid beach. Set out camping, under the starry skies, set a bonfire blazing and cook your barbeque! If that doesn’t entice you, the romantic candle light dinners and star-gazing definitely will!


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   7. Activities at Sandhan Valley:

An awe-inspiring valley in the Western Ghats, it is an abode for exciting activities like Flying Fox, rappelling, Burma Bridge and the most wonderful Giant Swing! An enjoyably spine chilling experience, it is a 500 feet swing based on natural set-up. One can also try trekking through the majestic and ferocious rocks of the Sahyadri Mountains.


   8. Gir National Park Safari:

Gir National Park is the famous and the only natural domicile for the magnificent Asiatic lions. Expose yourself to the wilderness with more than 200 species of birds and around 40 species of reptiles. Wildlife photography flourishes here, so get ready with your cameras and capture the riveting Gir in all its glory!     


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  9. Paragliding at Kamshet:

Kamshet, located off the Mumbai-Pune highway is a beautiful location to let go off your worries and hand yourself over to the skies and its loveliness. It is today the hub of paragliding in India and the last few days of December will treat you to dynamic thermic conditions, ideal for your dream paraglide. Experience the world like a soaring bird!


   10. Camping at Mountains:

Here’s your tryst with the snow clad mountains and a thrilling experience of waking up to gawk at exotic Himalayas, standing tranquil rising against the backdrop of a shimmering sun! Fill your days with adventures by camping at the Beas-Kund region or Dodi Taal, Malana –Pulga- Kheer Ganga or the Har-ki-Doon Valley!




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