Students these days study not just for themselves but to compete with their fellow mates. This has led to a MAD RACE TO EXCEL OR STAND A PART FROM OTHERS in order to be the first and odd one out. Class tenth and twelfth has become a worst nightmare for the students because they want to outdo each other. The competition is increasing day by day. This is very much visible from the University cut-offs. Students give more preference to the college rather than their stream it’s more like a ‘brand tag’ than about their career as they want to brag about themselves in the society.


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Intense competition has given rise to obsession towards studies which lead to under performing among students. Some become over confident while some lose their self confidence. This physically as well as mentally affect their health resulting in aggression and depression leading to isolation from family and peers. Their social interaction becomes zero. They treat their own friends as their competitors. Even the normal issues stress them and burden them their schedule.


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In order to get rid of the trauma of exams and results the best way to de-stress oneself is ADVENTURE SPORTS. It is the only way to INTROSPECTION. Besides providing leisure time, it gives you eternal pleasure and calmness. It takes you away from competitive surrounding and brings you to a positive aura. Through this one can understand one’s capabilities and talents, further valuing oneself. It encourages you to think about your own betterment. ADVENTURE gives you enthusiasm and courage to explore yourself.

I can very well associate with this because I have myself gone through this stage. I believe that at the end of the day it is you who matter, and not your results and exam. It is well observed that relatives remember you the most during the result time. This leads to more pressure and more expectations. This further becomes horrifying experience when one has cousins of same age, because then one has to outreach both at home and within friends. I suggest from personal experience that going on Adventure trips either with your friends or completely with new people, on new landscapes provide positivity and happiness. It gives you motivation to do best in all the fields.



Some of the Adventure sports to de-stress your body and soul, which are best suitable for students are as follows:

  • TREKKING : There are plenty of options available for trekking around you no matter where you are staying, it gives you joy and freedom from the busy life and a new experience at the height of nature.


  • RIVER RAFTING : You can experience the thrill of river rafting just imagine yourself swirling along the turbulent river as it gushes past spectacular mountains.. Fighting one’s confidence, amidst the blue water beneath and blue sky above, its 100% pure fun.


  • PARAGLIDING: Imagine yourself flying like a bird with wings above the beautiful earth. This is the exhilarating sport of paragliding where you get to fly like a bird with your wings open to capture an experience of a lifetime.


  • CAMPING : What can be more fascinating than spending the night under open sky with shining stars and moon. Camping probably is the nearest possible way to stay close to nature because of which it provides calmness of mind and soothing atmosphere.



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