About Fort:

The fort was designed by King Shivaji in 1648 when he defeated Chandrarao a lot of. the most purpose was to secure central Konkan against Sidis. because the form of the fort pinnacle resembles to form of Shivalinga, it absolutely was named as Lingana. the peak of the highest is concerning 2969 feet with relation to the ocean level. throughout its ancient days, the fort accustomed house hard-core prisoners. These prisoners were created to climb the fort with the assistance of ladders and later the ladders were removed once they reached the highest. because it isn’t doable to climb or descend the fort while not correct aids, the prisoners accustomed die either of hunger/thirst or a fatal injury.

Adventure Expeditions at Lingana Fort

Although History of Lingana isn’t as wonderful because of the major forts like Sinhagad or Rajgad, we have a tendency to get few references that place some lightweight thereon. consistent with the pact of Purandar, Raigad and Lingana were preserved by Shivaji Maharaj.Records say that Lingana was maintained and sorted until 1786 often, from the treasury of Raigad.

Location :

The pinnacle of Lingana is located in between the two grand forts of Shivaji’s Swarajya – Raigad & Torna – on mainline of Sahyadri. The nearest well-known villages/towns are Velhe (base of Torna) and Mahad. Most of the trekkers travel to either of the location and then to one of the nearest villages of the fort like Lingana-machi, Singapur, Mohari etc. Most of the trekkers stay in Mohari Base village which is nearer to the Lingana Peak.


Best Time to Visit:

The whole trek, which is mostly rock climbing is best done during winters or early summers. So it is suggested to go during November to February/March Period.

Places to look at:

The place is paradise for rock climbers. this can be technically toughest natural rock climb in Sahyadris. you wish ropes, carabiners, tape slings and different mountaineering material. once one comes here the fundamental issue to look at is rocks. thus watch everything around, wherever to stay your next toe, wherever to stay your next palm. If you get time to seem aloof from rock the see the items around. In some places we are able to still see some broken fortification, however, is admittedly exhausting to acknowledge totally different from different rocks. In overseas you’ll simply see Raigad, Torna and Rajgad forts.


Adventurous Activities on this Fort:



This Place is paradise for the camping. Seeing at million stars at night over Konkan region and Lingana Fort in Dark Shadow is the best gift of nature. You can fix your tents on Railing pathar and enjoy the night under the sky with your friends and partners.  If you don’t have the tent then you can rent it from Mohari village for a reasonable price. You have to trek for around 1 hour to 1.5 hours to reach the Railing Pathar. There is no water available so carry your water bottles with you only.



If you are going to lingana trek with a known group then its fine but if you going to your friends without knowing the route then it can be very risky. You have to start trek from Boratyachi Naal. You have to descend for 1 hour when you will reach the diversion. Many people couldn’t find this diversion point and continued to descend down the Valley. You can get lost so better trek with registered organizers of Adventures365. Lingana Fort is paradise for Rock Climbers. Lingana is 1000 ft straight rock standing in front of you and deep 3000 ft valley on both sides of yours. One mistake can cost your life so you have to be very careful. And this is the reason why this trek is the hardest trek in Sahyadris. The first 100 ft climbing is crucial as the rock is not very strong in that patch. You have to be careful with your every step. The rocks under your feet can slip and will hit other trekkers and you can’t get help them so it can be dangerous. And the another patch before the summit is very risky. There is very narrow space to climb and valleys on the both sides.



After Summit, Enjoy the beauty of Sahyadris from the top of the Lingana. This is one of the best scenes to watch out for. After a successful summit, its time for you to descend. And Rappelling is the only one option. There are 3 patches of rappelling to descend. The first one is very tricky. You have to be very careful. it’s a 50 feet patch. But some traverses are there, you have to listen to coordinators to reach your right place. The second patch is of moderate level. The rappelling on Lingana is not like regular ones. There are many places where rocks are misaligned so you have to watch your steps properly while rappelling. The third phase is very easy and you can do it with ease. Rappelling is the waiting game, the time required for rappelling depends on the trekkers. So you need a patience till your turn. Coordinators do their best to rappel you down safely.


Lingana Fort Boratyachi Naal

So get ready to experience different Adventure Expeditions at Lingana Fort with Adventures365. 


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