Beaches, Parties, white sands, drinks, food and sparkling waters:  the essential elements that attract 2 million visitors annually to Goa. Goa is not just popular with foreign travelers but also one of the most popular locations in Indian Travelers as well. People from all age groups, married to bachelors from students to working professional get attracted to this beautiful place call Goa.

Goa is usually get crowded in its peak season which is from November to February.  But there is lot more to Goa than this peak season if you visit it in March. Yes you heard it right; we find quite few reasons why March is actually a best time to visit Goa. So let’s find out now:

1. No Party-Crazy Tourists


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In March, most of the Party Crazy tourist get disappeared from Goa back to another part of world with their both hands high in the air. So it means only those people who wants to experience the actual Goa who not came for any parties remains on those beautiful white sand beaches.   

2. Less Expensive & More Discounts


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The prices of Food, Stay and activities are high in the peak seasons. But prices comes down to normal from month of march and many restaurants, hotels and home stays offers attractive discounts to attract more tourist in March.

3. Enjoy Adventure Sports


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The Adventure sports are comparatively cheaper in the month of March, and as not many foreign tourist available, many Scuba diving companies provide discounts on their packages. Also enjoying different rides on less crowded beaches is quite enjoyable.

4. Not as Hot as April


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Yes, though weather in Goa is Hot and Humid in March, but its not as hot as it gets in April, So its pretty good time to get some tans and the beautiful evenings on less crowded beaches with your loved ones or friends makes a cherry on cake actually.

5. Cheaper Bike Rides

Source: Jaskirat Singh Bawa

Source: Jaskirat Singh Bawa

Nothing can compare the fun of riding on bikes in Goa.  If there is any best way to explore Goa then its only on two wheeler. Getting rented bikes in Goa costs you much lesser post February. So lesser the cost, longer the drive and enjoy the different parts of Goa like never before. 

6. Luxury with Romance


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Goa is known for its luxurious resorts and hotels but most of these resorts get booked during November to February but when it comes to March, even these luxurious resorts and hotels become available and also offer some great discounts. Its best time for couples to get some romantic gateways in Goa.  

7. Shacks – We are Open


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Even though the peak season in Goa ends in February, All the Shacks and major tourist attractions remain open. Infact you get much better service and facilities as there are very few guests so compare to those full of crowds shacks, March brings out the best of Shacks in Goa.

8. The Shigmo Festival


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Last but not the least – Shigmo Festival which is Goa’s answer to Holi. It is is a spring festival celebrated in Goa in month of March. You can also experience Shigmo parades consisting of traditional folk and street dancers and elaborately built floats depicting scenes from regional mythology and religious scenes.

So what you are waiting for? Goa is calling.. and you must go !!!


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