To often you put off your travel plans and say I can wait another day, but its ok to stuck in office few more hours.. So you lose that chance, that dream travel plan, but how can you forget the feeling that you were born to travel? How can you forget the feeling of first touching down as baby on your own two feet, with no desire but to move.. There are so many places waiting to discover by you. Travel for your self today, and the person you will be ten years from now..

Most of people love to travel but some of us were born to travel. You want to know that you are one of them? Here is list of 10 Signs Which Prove You Were Born To Travel.

       1. You’re the one in your group who makes all the plan of travel all the time!


Remember your school, college days or even today if you are the one who use to make all the travel plans for your group and love planning travel as much as travelling then you just prove first sign that Yes, you were born to travel coz you know the day you get back from one trip, you dive in planning stages of the next one.

        2. You were always the one sitting in front with the driver!


No matter its gonna be late night travel or travelling after tired day for your planned destination, if you are the one who always love to sit on front sit beside driver it proves the traveler inside you loves to keep eyes on road while journey.

      3. You can pack your entire world in a bag and of course in no time!


If you always get ready with your backpack whenever there is plan to travel and if you always pack your bags in no time with all those essentials which you know you need while travelling yes, you were born to travel coz you won’t need to think twice while packing and you know you are carrying your entire world with you on a way to new experience new journey every time.

       4. There’s always another trip and for you, coming back home is just a detour on the way to your next adventure!


If the traveler inside you starts planning your next adventures the day you back from your last trip yes you were born to travel. You don’t have something called dream trip, you dream of a lifetime of trips and Yes, no matter what there is always another trip..

       5. Journey is far more important than Destination!



If you always think of Journey not of destination, if you love to spend money on getting experiences rather than purchasing materialistic things, and if you can travel any time, by any transportation just to get that unique experience of your journey, Yes, it proves again that you were born to travel.

     6. Travelling is basically solution of all your problems!


If Travelling is only the solution for you if you are in stress, or if you need to get focused and you know you can get happiness when you are exploring the places far from your worries and stress it proves that you were born to travel coz its define what you are..

       7. You love to capture the photos of places and moments instead of your own photos!


If you are the one who always ready to click the moments and love to store it and make stories of your each journey, if you love to click photos of all the places, flowers, nature, animals, and all those moments on your journey instead of clicking all the selfies yes, it proves you were born to travel..

       8. You’ve never actually finished your travel checklist because you can’t stop adding to it!


If your travel checklist is never ending and you keep on adding new places, destinations and plans to it. There isn’t a country that isn’t on your checklist. As a born traveler, your hunger for travelling and exploring new places is never ending journey.

        9. You love to  make friends everywhere you go!


If you are one of those people who loves to make new friends wherever you go, If a stranger sits next to you and 20 mins later you know their entire life story you’ve always able to make friends wherever you go..

     10. Your dream job is working somewhere you can travel the world and be paid for it!


Everyone wants that dream job which might be of high paying salary, which can provide big house, big car, everything bigger…  But wait, born traveler have some different thought of their dream job, if your dream job is working somewhere you can travel the entire world and best part of it that you get paid for it then it confirms that yes, you were born to travel indeed..

So, from all of above 10 signs if its confirmed that you were also born to travel, then what are you waiting for? Just go for it, Plan your next adventure now !!!




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