Those who love to go for Camping knows the fact that finding the perfect place for your tent is difficult job. But few people are perfectionist to pitch the tents from where they get perfect look of the beautiful nature or the mountains. We have picked up the 10 coolest tent pitches that will make you want to get outdoors. Let’s check it out now

1. Best View Point

10 coolest tent pitches

High camp, Mount Shuksan, Washington State © Andrew Holman

Whenever you want to pitch the perfect tent, you need to pitch it from where you will get the best view point of surrounding nature.

2. In Lap of Mountains

10 coolest tent pitches

Himalaya View © Campers Point

If you are camping in places like Himalaya, Make sure you will pitch the tent at place where you will get an amazing view to wake up.

3. Pitch up on a ledge

10 coolest tent pitches

Out on a ledge in California © Travis Burke

It’s precarious, but awesome. If  you get a place like this up on ledge, you will never ever forgive the experience of camping like this.

4. Pitch right by water

Southern Oregon views © Travis Burke

Southern Oregon views © Travis Burke

There is nothing beautiful than pitching tent right near by water where one can get perfect view and location for a morning swim after camping whole night.

5. Camp in the desert

10 coolest tent pitches

Camping in the Sahara desert, Egypt © Nicolás Marino

After a wonderful cycling ride in the desert, pitching camp in the middle of desert below the wide open sky with millions of stars is an unbelievable experience. 

6. Sleep under snow

10 coolest tent pitches

Camping under snow in the Tibetan Plateau © Nicolás Marino

Just imagine, pitching a tent at heights  of about 4600m surrounded by white snow. When you woke up in morning your tent is under white snow fallen all night. 

7. Don’t look down

10 coolest tent pitches

Stefan Glowacz – Lifestyle © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Illume

Are you afraid of heights? No? Then there is wonderful place to pitch or hook your tents on the standing walls from where you can see more than one can imagine.

8. Camp on top of the world

10 coolest tent pitches

Pitching up at Summit Lake, Washington State © Scott Kranz

Sometimes, you need to be on top of the world. After a successful summit, pitching on the top of the mountains surrounded by epic and spectacular view is all you wanted to experience.

9. Camp in a cave

10 coolest tent pitches

Cave camping in Escalante, Utah © Travis Burke

There is nothing spectacular than pitching a tent in rarest of caves. One can experience the beauty of caves only by spending a whole night just inside the caves.

10. Just above water 

10 coolest tent pitches

Using a Tentsile Trillium in Oahu, Hawaii © Travis Burke

This is one of the most innovative tents designed with perfection. Why you need a ground to pitch the tent when you can actually sleep above the ground.


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